Eustace Mullins - Secrets of The Federal Reserve 1994 multivoice (7h 14m 56s) + book pack

Published on Jul 25, 2020
Brilliant. This book does not just cover how these group of jews got control of the USA money system, but a lot more. Now I know which Jews are behind the attack on the white race, all wars for the past few hundred years, the plot to make us all slaves and much more! And which terrorist jew is at the head.
This is such an important book that the jewish president of Harvard University, approved the book burning order by Germany in 1961, making this the only book to be burnt in Germany, since the end of WW2. After the International jews won WW2, they banned 34 645 book Titles, and every school text-book published between 1933 - 1945 !!
If you don’t know who this champion is, (and Ezra Pound), then listen to the intro. and watch the previous 4 videos of his.
One critical fact from this book, is that the Rothschilds family are at the head of the criminal cabal and are the root of the cancer on this planet. The Rothschilds family are a threat to every person on this planet (including jews). The next video will provide more details, which compliments and expands on this fact.
G Edward Griffin, (jew from the Southern Poverty Law Centre SPLC), plagiarized the phenomenal research carried out by Eustace Mullins, and in typical jewish fashion, omitted critical facts. For example the quotes by Rothschild, some of which I have included in this video. I have attached GEG book, if you believe that I am incorrect. See if you can find the 14 points that Mr Mullins provided on page 97 / 98. This is another example of how some jews deceive us.
I have included quotes, (60 seconds long for each image) only at the start of this video (upto 33 min). The non-Eustace quotes are taken from this book.
This video took a long time to prepare. Over 1 000 audio files!
Notes on some of the topics covered:-
Origins of the CFR, Trilateral & Bilderberg
143 Mayer Rothschild “Our goal is to win ultimate control of the wealth, natural resources, and manpower of the entire world."
And result in a new World government (ie NWO).
From page 97, one of the 14 goals/outcomes is planned poverty and starvation to all people.
Rothschild are behind the wars !
Quote by Jew Susan Sontag 'the white race is the cancer of history "
Jewish supply of food and money etc. to Germany.
Cuba sugar
Jews controlled food to the USA during WW1
Explanation of the reason some Jews funded Hitler
Woodrow Wilson the ruthless terrorist jew, involved with Bolshevik revolution (= Russian invasion)
Mexican revolution ………….
Book pack many books covering this topic of Usury and the Federal Reserve (1.3GB 79 files)
Here is the audio file, with quotes in the video
Jewish censorship / deceit / mind control
0. Deleting and banning comment on Bitchute. This is done by ‘Disqus’ which is separate from Bitchute.
1. check out what they did with the short clip of Hitler at the end of this video Everyone should watch this clip to understand the level of deceit that we are exposed to. This is the 1st part of:
Dennis Wise 3rd series - The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two
2. Other techniques were used on this video:- Ursula Haverbeck - Panorama Interview (proper eng subs) 2015 never trust a jewish translation !!!
3. The ULTIMATE in JEWISH censorship is unbelievable and it reveals how truly ruthless and psychotic these scumbag jews are. Goto my video and read my description or read/listen to the book.
4 Germany students only had one event where they burnt jewish books (on porn & communism), and the jews made use of that one event to demonize Hitler/Germans. After the International jews won WW2, they banned 34 645 book titles (links above)
5. This is not new, never forget that it was JEWS who burnt down the library of Alexandria 2 000 years ago !! They were criminals and terrorists and the enemy of mankind back then. Nothing has changed.
6. Brother Nathanael covered some methods also: The Amazon Book Burning 25 March 2017
7. An Israeli jew has recently written a book on how to deceive / stooge people into believing that the jews are innocent victims. This involves using the media as a tool/weapon to create this false image. The Israel Project - The Global Language Dictionary 2009
8. 589BC jews chose to fight, but not with spears & swords
9. Plato - The Cave (400 BC)
for those who did not know, Google owns Youtube. Google is owned by 2 jews: Larry Page & Sergey Brin

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