CROATIAN LEGION | 369th Reinforced (Croatian) Infantry Regiment WW2

Published on Jan 16, 2023
The Croatian Legion fought on the Eastern Front of WW2, and was the only non-German Axis unit to fight at the Battle of Stalingrad. They were part of the 100th Jäger Division, itself the only jäger division to fight at Stalingrad. This video details the history of the 369th Reinforced (Croatian) Infantry Division, although I will be covering the units actions at Stalingrad in my upcoming Stalingrad documentary.

The Croatian Legion makes a return in my more recent documentary series, BATTLESTORM STALINGRAD, where we go day by day through the entire battle in as much detail as possible. You can view the first video of the series here

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This video is part of a new series called "Their Story", where we look at people, units, events, and other interesting historical things. Check out the series here

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And finally, the source and book itself - Jason D. Mark and Amir Obhođaš. "Croatian Legion: The 369th Reinforced (Croatian) Infantry Regiment on the Eastern Front 1941-1943." Leaping Horsemen Books, 2010.

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