What is Wondergateleaks? By NoOpinionNews

Published on Mar 10, 2023
What is Wondergateleaks? By NoOpinionNews

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Wondergateleaks Presents:

Matrix of a Deepstate Alice Unfolds:

M2TS video format
20-Jun-2020 10:27
26 hrs long HD 2k 

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The theroy is that the vaccine batch codes are connected to a central computer that sends out through a emergency broadcast system a frequency signal that then remotely kills the people from far away. The signal can travel many miles because the 5G connection is the routing systems through cell towers. The smart dust is the radar systems, and the transceiver is the data system for tracking, tracing, and targeting.

If you've seen, the film, "diedsuddenly", you'll want to watch this movie.

This is worth saving other lives from vaccine genocide.

Prequel Video:
Julian Assange talks about Smart Dust - Nanotechnology



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