Who are the Hyper-Aggressive “Pro Israel” trolls? Lets talk JIDF

Published on Feb 23, 2021
(Periscope videos do not convert easiest, the sound is a wee bit off.)

Who are the “Pro-Israel” trolls who make so many activists online lives hell-Let’s talk JIDF. (Jewish Internet Defence Force).

The JDIF Trolls stopped using the JIDF group name in 2015, when the group's main Twitter account was suspended for trolling.

Have you ever wonder why you get harassed by hyper-aggressive trolls whenever you talk about Palestine?! This is why!

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Sources and Research
JIDF Website

HAARETZ Report on Israeli Trolls / JIDF

BBC Report on Israeli Trolls / JIDF

JIDF and their 'megaphone' tool

10 ways to deal with Megaphone Troll users

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