MyWhiteSHOW - AmazingPolly Is A jew. Dan Rather Is A RATner.

Published on Nov 14, 2020
* PLEASE wait through the odd 10 seconds of black at the beginning of the video.
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Let’s just be done with the self-Chosen “Amazing” one, shall we? Back in July 2020 I did a video on “Amazing Polly” St. George and stopped just short of declaring her a crypto-jew. Now, with added evidence, there’s no reason to hold back.

Also in this s01e16 issue of MyWhiteSHOW — which is Your White Show — jewTV “journalist” Dan Rather is still lying. Some of us remember him as the longtime anchor of the CBS Evening News. Furthermore, some remember — and the rest of us learned — that Rather played a part way back in November 1963 related to the infamous Zapruder film purported to be real, undoctored footage of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas. Now, we know that the Zapruder film is a very doctored piece of disinformation.

Well, Rather, who I now call “RATner (explained in the video), has a new book out, with a giveaway contest and a co-writer, all of which deserve dishonorable mention. (UPDATE: I said the name of the scum jew of SNL infamy was Gilda Ratner, but now I realize it was Radner. Same rat but with a "d" instead of "t.")

Finally, there is a meme and a bit more on the virus that does not exist. Yes, I do mean the one dubbed “our invisible enemy” by our very visible enemies who have created and perpetrated this entire criminal hoax upon us.



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