Published on Jun 9, 2020
*just for the record when i say they are the real fascists i am referring/reflecting at how they always perceive anyone who doesn't go along with them or their way of thinking as being a fascist/racist etc , we all know their interpretation of "fascist" is totally wrong and in no way represents what "fascism" really stands for,just thought i would clear that up*
i wont apologize for my language,after witnessing what is happening everywhere right now,time for being civil/tolerant is over,this has been our downfall and it is time we all woke the fuck up and fast!
fuck blm and all the white cucks tearing shit up you bunch of fucking racists, people need to wake up because this is all part of the plan "the jewish plan" to rid white countries of europeans and (((they))) truly are showing their hand what with all the recent events playing out...race war being 1 part of that plan,divide and conquer..just look at countries that were flooded with certain races/religions and see how they turnt out years down the line,do people in uk think this wont happen? it fucking well is and its not going to end well... just look at the complete double standards of jews in israel and then look at their involvement in western countries,deliberately destroy them from within..i am so sick of this shit and wonder what the fuck it will take for us as people to finally say enough is enough and we start putting our priorities 1st and our childrens futures,the people responsible for all of this need to be held accountable and stopped..

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