Was Monkeypox Caused by Wild Homo Orgies with Gay Monkeys As Predicted in A 2021 Simulation?

Published on May 25, 2022
Let me say up front I have feelings of sadness concerning anyone that identifies as a gay monkey. it is not that I care if you are offended or not, I am sorry for the monkeys that you are involved with. This particular video is not meant to offend anyone that is banging a monkey, I will get around to offending those perverted psycho's at a later date.
Will this lead to the killing of thousands of monkey's like they are killing chickens? Will this lead to the killing of thousands of gays via vaccination? (You know a continuation of the evil shit they are doing now). Will people start flying pride flags like they are/were in support of the Ukraine? I am worried that several pandemics from now there might be one for old white guys. Could I then identify as something else to be safe?
So if you are not having unprotected sex with a Monkey are you still at risk? I am sure our satanic, murderous, thieving government would say yes. According to the CDC they are using the PCR test to check for monkey pox, I am not sure however where exactly they are sticking the swab. I know where they can stick it themselves however and would not hesitate to tell them...it is the same place their head is most of the time.
If you are a part of the monkey sex community, be sure to get your monkey pox shot before your banana rots off like this guys foot:
I changed the title of this video slightly but you can find this same video at: The Red Elephants channel. Stop by and check them out.
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