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Boundless Energy
Published on Apr 21, 2023
Circus Maximus - Every Morning the Rooster Crows on his Dunghill

Politicians, especially today's ones, all seem to be controlled and jaded clowns hanging at a "wet thread," deliberately commissioned by dark forces to gently transform humanity from the local level upwards from "useful idiots" into "willing idiots."
Many seems to be aware that political parties and their characters were apparently only created to make those in power anonymous and therefore unassailable.
Also to give the "little cattle" the illusion of a choice and a say.
Every year at Christmas there are gifts, well let's not overdo it. Let's say an election every four or five years is enough of a headache for them. ;-)

Among other things, this was an important change that protected certain dark forces that apparently secretly transitioned from feudalism to parliamentary systems.
Others see the French Revolution as a liberation from the enslaved bourgeoisie.

The guillotine no longer falls on the king's neck, but on a specially constructed dummy.
A "straw man".
A puppet endowed with relative power and luxuries, much like a bull in the arena, is allowed to live the good life and fight to the point of his death sentence.

An artificial-collective transformation not only of societies and social systems, but of all humanity, worse of every living being, is to take place voluntarily and apparently from within, albeit in a pervasively manipulative manner and yet with the voluntary participation of the previously frightened "useless eaters".

An apparently majority accepted and planned destruction of the "well-known" - of values - is obviously pushed forward by these unfortunately deluded, suicidal, unconscious beings to make matters worse.

The 'voluntary idiots' and 'matrix statists' who obviously cannot and should not do anything actively and creatively against 'power' seem to have become the stumbling block for the self-proclaimed 'elites'.
Accordingly, the critical, free spirit without a specific goal is to be led into a one-lane, dark tunnel in order to herald a new era - the so-called transhumanism.
There will probably be scorched earth along the way, from which the "chosen ones" can rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

Crazy fantasies of emotionless psychopaths, apparently spun behind heavy curtains and seemingly penetratingly planted in the minds of a frightened and naïve humanity with the help of the cartel media, are to be enforced with military and psychological force if necessary and legitimized with specially drafted laws.
The power pyramid we are familiar with, with thousands of smaller power pyramids inside, is apparently to be replaced by a simply structured new three-level pyramid.
From top to bottom as follows: Rule Makers and Designers, "Elite Circles", Technical Servants. As a lubricant between levels, isolates maintenance workers.
The newly planned pyramid seems to get by with far fewer servants and accordingly no longer requires a large decentralized organization.

And yet another empire falls that was planned from the start for a limited time only.
With a greater purpose in mind, the real power-holders march inexorably towards their illusory dystopia.
Do we let them continue on their own down the home stretch?

Global and regional events are colliding at an accelerated pace and instead of dissipating, they seem to be piling up and being used as a wrecking ball against cultures, traditions, identities, values and our common sense.
It is hard to imagine that only a minority would notice this, and yet it initially seems as if a majority had voluntarily given up their freedom and resigned themselves to their fate.

Let's give the lost sheep a chance. Let's let them find their way home too!
Who are we to judge who, what, or when and how will ascend?
Everything fits at the right time.
We can apparently observe and reduce entropies, which in turn can lead to the unconscious navigating the artificial chaos more easily.

End of story.

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