Larry David discovers his great-grandfather was a slave owner

Published on Nov 23, 2022
The Jewish people are the descendants of the biblical Edomites who were the enemies of the tribes of Israel and Sac's son King David ruled and nearly killed them all off . 

Yahuwah sent King David to kill the Edomites, this is confirmed in many Encyclopedias,
  many are Jewish Encyclopedias and in the Holy Bible in1 Kings 11:15.

Many Jews of the world know that Ashkenazi Jews are not Semite, Hebrews or Israelites. Benjamin Freedman was a Jew and a Historian.

He admitted that Ashkenazi Jews are not Semites.

 The "Jews" are impostors who have stolen the identity of Anglo-Saac Sons.

Abraham's son was Isaac. (i)Saac's sons were the predecessors to Jacob's sons who were later renamed "Israel" by I AM/ Yahuwah after Jacob wrestled I AM in Peniel in Gen 32:23-32. However, by 745 BC and in Amos 7:16 the House of "(i)Saac sons" dropped the "I" from Saac's sons.

"NEW AGE" JEWS are the children of Esau!

Was Christ Jesus a Jew?

Jews Controlled The Global Slave Trade For Centuries!

The Hybrid Khazars call themselves jews but ONLY WHITE PEOPLE ARE THE TRUE SAXON ISRAELITES!
We Thought They Were White:

- The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume 1: The Jewish Role in Black Slavery by The Nation of Islam

- The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume 2: How Jews Gained Control of the Black American Economy by The Nation of Islam

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Judaism and the vatican vicomte leon de poncins:



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