REVEALED - The Lanza's and Principal of Sandy Hook - ALL RELATED!

Published on May 18, 2020
The Sandy Hook shooting official narrative is now dead. Here you will see proof beyond all doubt of how the Newtown school "shooting" was interconnected not only to the CIA (as was shown in the previous film), but that Dawn Hochsprung, a supposed 'victim' of the event, is closely related to the family of a propagandist, who is in turn secretly closely related to Peter Lanza - and therefore the entire "Lanza" family.
It is also shown that Dawn Hochsprung is closely related to a CBS employee (remember the mysterious text messages from CBS on that day?), as well as the founder of a video surveillance company in the Sandy Hook area - probably the one responsible for part of Hochsprung's "upgrades" to the security of Sandy Hook School since 2010. Perhaps a key component of why we will likely never see video from that event.
Newtown police were finally forced by court order to release some of their "evidence" concerning the Sandy Hook school alleged massacre. This alone has demonstrated thet the official story cannot be true. Now further, if the entire 'Lanza' family was just one of several fabricated entities involving Peter and Nancy, with Hochsprung as a family 'insider', can ANY of the "Newtown Massacre" story be true at all?
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