Every Once In A While Hollywood Tells The Truth

Published on Jul 9, 2020
This scene was taken from a movie about a self hating Jew who commits violence against innocent Jews. All very subversive of course. The movie was based on an actual self hating Jew -The name escapes me- but he was a very unhinged individual and served no cause but to give those that speak the truth a bad name.
Regardless of the context every word of this scene is true. Every once in a while Jewish screen writers will taunt the audience with the truth about their subversive ways in a sick ritual of self gratification. They very much enjoy the harm they inflict upon society. How do I know this? They're not shy about saying it themselves. To find out for yourself, start with reading up on quotes by the founders of the Frankfurt school and quotes by Jews in the porn industry. It's all very eye opening.
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