Jim and Diane (REMEMBERING) Memorial Day (circa May 2022), May 27, 2023

Published on May 28, 2023

Featuring a couple of 1960s songs -
*** "... 1, 2, 3 what are we fighting for ... be the first one on your block (to have a loved one) sent home in a box."
*** "WAR, what is it good for ... absolutely nothing!!!"

Elisabeth Carto Presents WILLIS CARTO'S: Memorial Day always was a special occasion for Willis. Having survived WW2, fighting as a nineteen-year-old, drafted and shipped to Cebu in the Philippines marked his life forever. He earned a Purple Heart for his injuries and returned home to his family in Ohio when the war with Japan ended. He admired the military, and really quite loved them all of his life. This included men of many nations which confirmed his belief that they all were brothers who had to fight for their countries. Willis is buried at Arlington National Cemetery; four hundred thousand souls are there with him in peace. In 1955 he started Liberty Lobby, opening an office in Washington D.C. When he died in 2015 the New York Times in its obituary credited him, which was a miracle for the NYT, with the fact that he had accomplished what no other in the conservative movement had ever done, publishing a weekly newspaper, The Spotlight, with a subscriber list exceeding three hundred thousand. We also broadcasted on 470 radio stations in l981 and actually owned the Sun Radio Network in the l980s. In spite of detractors Willis Carto always succeeded with his set goals against all odds until he died. At this moment in time, we are not fully involved in war with Russia and I do hope that it will never happen. Remember that Roosevelt had the US involved to such an extent that under the Land-Lease program which he had established with Harry Hopkins, the US shipped the UK and Russia many billions of dollars of equipment. It was said that Roosevelt ended up sending Russia the US money printing facility in order that Russia could actually print US dollars to support itself in the battle against Germany and the Axis countries.

Today such a notion sounds unbelievable but when a President loses control and is virtually unable to function rationally anymore, the consequences can be unimaginable. We are in a precarious position with invisible hands directing US policies for war and/or peace. No one really knows who is calling the shots behind the scene. We have a President mainly for photo-ops, he comes out, gets pulled this way or that way, and then disappears into the White House. With the next election, he will have to choose the basement for operations again. He barely makes statements that make sense, generally, it is all rather disturbing. Who is in control? Mrs.Biden perhaps as was Mrs. Wilson who made important decisions during WW1. Can we trust the Republicans to pull us out of the Swamp? Without Mr. Trump, we will have the impossible again. Let's hope for the best. I am tired of promises all around.

Willis’ opinion of politics and war can be read in full on his websites:

Much information has been posted consisting of over 50 years of work that Willis had given to his country. Please have a look at


Wishing you a peaceful Memorial Day! Elisabeth Carto

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