Feverfew HEALS WHAT!?!? Why We Grow It, Healing Benefits, How to Harvest & How to Dry/ Garden How To

Published on Feb 27, 2023
More about this plant: http://www.naturalmedicinalherbs.net/herbs/t/tanacetum-parthenium=feverfew.php
The garden is show casing feverfew this week. (Chrysanthemum Parthenium)
This is a plant that I’ve been very excited about growing and harvesting this year. It’s said to help with migraines, and I have two family members who struggle with migraines. Studies done on feverfew have shown that it helped some, but not all. I’m hoping that feverfew may be that natural plant that could help.
It contains parthenolide, which is an anti inflammatory. Some of it’s other potential uses is for pain relief, improving rosacea, elevating mood and also has anti cancer affects.
Always remember that there may be possible side effects to any medicinal her, but it’s not just a plan, it’s medicine.
Today we are harvesting feverfew’s flowers, leaves and stems.
When we cut, we are leaving about 6” of the plant and foliage, so it can continue to grow and flower again before the end of the season. Then we will be able to cut from it a second time. They have a unique smell, not my favorite, but there are too many benefits that this plant provides to pass it up.
There are many ways to dry your herbs. You can hang them, dehydrate them, put them in the oven on low heat. We love using these large hanging herb driers. When we place the herbs in, we spread them out so they don’t get moldy. Always store and dry feverfew and other herbs in a cool, dry and dark area of your home.
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