Proof The Gospel of Luke & Acts of The Apostles Used Josephus - Dr. Steve Mason

Published on Nov 16, 2021
Steve N. Mason is a Canadian historian of Judea in the Graeco-Roman period, best known for his studies of Josephus and early Christian writings. He was professor of classics, history and religious studies at York University in Toronto. He has been Kirby Laing Chair of New Testament Exegesis at Aberdeen University (2011–2015) and works today at the University of Groningen, Holland.

He discusses how the author of Luke/Acts knew and used Josephus works for his writings.


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Thank you to C Morrison for creating the time-stamps

C Morrison
00:01:45 Dr. Steve Mason Introduced
00:04:10 Talk begins on best evidence used for hypothesis. "Was Josephus a source for Luke/Acts?"
Striking overlaps/similarities in Josephus, Luke/Acts.
00:12:00 - Three assumptions: Rhetorical Training, Josephus, Lived reality (events)
00:26:30 - Graph showing Josephus, Luke/Acts narrative parallels
00:36:40 Historical events (Problems with Bible narrative of Quirinius' Census; Josephus' selective narrative of Quirinius)
00:53:30 Luke's mention of Lysanius of Abila
01:09:00 Theudas in Acts: Example of Troublesome "Prophets"
01:25:10 "The Egyptian" and "sicarii" (Acts 21:30-38) Luke copies story from Josephus.
01:46:40 Pharisees: "Most exact school of Philosophy" Mark, Matthew, John have starkly opposite view of Pharisees than Luke/Acts. Where does Luke get this view from?

Super Chat questions
02:11:45 - Q1: Why doesn't Luke/Acts discuss the death of Paul?
02:16:20 - Q2: Did Jesus (name or origin) come from Josephus?
02:19:50 - Q3: If Luke was using Josephus as a source, how late was the author writing?
02:26:40 - Q4: Hallucination Hypothesis, Did Peter and Paul suffer from PTSD, Post-Bereavement?
02:36:40 - Q5: In Acts, High Priest authorizes Paul to pursue Christians, later on slaps Paul but doesn't recognize him. Were there two authors?
02:39:40 - Q6: Roman's killed rebel leaders AND their followers. The Early church started in Jerusalem. Were the leaders not in danger?
02:45:00 - Q7: When did Christianity change from a "belief" to a "hierarchy"?
02:51:20 - Q8: Scholars that wrote about labour, trade and industry in the ANE?
02:54:35 - Q9: Do Christian churches have Paul's Christian writings?
03:12:20 - Q10: Thoughts on Roman Provenance Theory
03:17:20 - Q11: Did he ascend to the cosmic sperm bank (Acts 1)?
03:21:20 - Q12: Is Paul turning the Theology of the Dead Sea Scrolls into the opposite of its original intention?
03:44:05 - Q13: Was Luke/Acts written by Luke, companion of Paul? Why doesn't Luke name himself in the Preface?
03:49:10 - Q14: Are Judas of Sepphoris and Judas of Gamala the same person spoken by Josephus?

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