Rewriting History in School Play, May 25, 2023

Published on May 26, 2023
The problem is the Sound of Music is anything but history - gross inaccuracies.


Though not a typical Hollyweird "anti-Nazi" film, the propaganda value of the since-immortalized 1965 musical drama, The Sound of Music, -- starring "A-listers" Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer -- was immense. What made SoM such an effective vehicle for disinformation was the fact that the poison was delivered within the body of a heartwarming, though somewhat cheesy, story of an Austrian-Aryan family -- and greatly sweetened by the beautiful singing of Andrews and the children. As a song which Andrews herself made famous in Mary Poppins goes: "a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down." And indeed, in the case of SoM, that "medicine" was the not-so-subtle "anti-Nazi" contextual message of the film.

"The Editorial Board" of TomatoBubble / RHC apologizes in advance (actually, we don't) if this story ends up souring your previous love for this seemingly nice film about the singing von Trapp family. But it's time to set the record straight about the damaging Fake History which serves as its mushy backdrop.

What's not to love about a musical featuring a beautiful, happy and loving Aryan-Austrian family singing in the Alps with angelic voices? Plenty! Leave it to "the usual suspects" to drop a poison pill inside of a pretty package. The Sound of Music was produced and directed by Robert Wise (cough cough) as an adaptation of the 1959 Broadway show of the same name, composed by Richard Rodgers (cough cough) and Oscar Hammerstein II (cough cough), and screenplay by Ernest Lehman (cough cough). Based on the memoir The Story of the Trapp Family Singers by Maria von Trapp, the film is about Maria, a young Austrian woman who is sent to the villa of a retired naval officer and widower, Captain Georg von Trapp, to be governess to his seven children. After teaching music to the children, she marries the officer.

USING ARYAN IMAGERY TO ATTACK THE HATED ARYANS: Behind the facade of the beautiful Germanism of the Sound of Music lurked the usual suspects --- Rodgers & Hammerstein, Wise and Lehman [...]

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