MOMO and the TIME Thieves by Michael Ende. Original Movie.

Boundless Energy
Published on May 14, 2023
BeWARe of the Vampires...
the strange story of the time thieves and the child 'Momo' who brought back the stolen time to the people.

Momo lives on the outskirts of a big city in the ruins of an amphitheater. She owns nothing but what she finds or what is given to her, but she has an extraordinary gift: she is a wonderful listener.
One day, however, the men in gray appear. They are after the precious lives of the people - and Momo is the only one who can stop them...
The shaggy little heroine fights with nothing but a flower in her hand and a turtle under her arm against the huge army of the "gray gentleman".

The riddle of "time" itself is what this book, or in our case this video is about, a riddle that can occupy thoughtful children and adults alike who have not yet forgotten how to wonder about the seemingly obvious.
A fairy tale? You can call it that if you understand the term in the romantic sense, because day and dream poetically interpenetrate each other.
Maybe something like a novel? Let's say: a fairy tale novel.


was born on 12th November 1929 in Garmisch and died at the age of sixty-five in Stuttgart on 28th August 1995. He was one of the most successful German authors of the post-war period, selling over twenty million books in forty different languages worldwide. His novels such as The Neverending Story, Jim Button, Momo and The Night of Wishes captured the hearts of readers young and old.

Michael Ende was born to Luise Bartholoma (1892 - 1973) and Hamburg painter Edgar Ende (1901 - 1965). Even as a young child, he was influenced by the visionary, surrealistic nature of his father’s artwork, and the imaginary world of painting was as real to him as everyday life.

In Search of the Magic Word
Ende’s quest for the magic word was reflected in his literary endeavour. Through novels, short stories and poetry, Ende strove to guide his readers towards new ways of seeing and experiencing the world. To this end, he believed it was necessary to reconnect the disparate threads of modern life in a new poetic mythology for the contemporary age. In line with the romantic tradition, his quest for the magic word was a search for a story that would conjure the essence of the world as we know it. His attitude, though, was far from schoolmasterly - in keeping with his playful writing, the key to his poetic vision usually lay with the entertainer, the conjurer and joker.


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