Is A Jew Allowed To Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Published on Nov 24, 2022
It's no secret that many Jews have assimilated to the American lifestyle. While the many freedoms provided in the US are certainly for everyone's benefit, the problem manifests when all of this leads to the loss of the Jewish Torah ideology. Thanksgiving has quietly become one of the leading "Chukot HaGoyim" (Customs of the Gentile Nations) that have led to assimilation, violation of the Torah and Chilul HaShem. While finding the excitement that a typical secular Jew has towards Thanksgiving versus Jewish Holidays is sad, its quite a bit more disturbing to find that many religious Orthodox Jews show similar excitement to the point where they have made it an annual affair. This video is another installment in a series of short videos we've made about this topic, in order to remind the Jewish that they have to wake up and return to the ways of HaShem. Enjoy and don't forget to watch our other videos about this Thanksgiving topic that is much more disturbing than people imagine.


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