"Why People Hate Alan Dershowitz" ~ (HARRY VOX names the Jew)

Published on Aug 1, 2020
"The Alan Dershowitz Question: Is he the slimiest human being ever?
He's got some stiff competition from Mark Zuckerberg and since Epstein's "out of the race" it looks like a dead heat. Neck and neck Weinstein, Dershowitz, Zuckerberg creating waves of angry sentiment, but will powerful Jewish Pressure groups like the ADL ever put pressure on Jewish Scumbags like Epstein, Dershowitz or Weinstein? Nope, they never did and never will. Jews are the chosen people and anyone asking if they should undergo a self examination will definitely be accused of antisemitismTM. They are very public about this. They write that any suggestion that Jewish people should take responsibility for the ramifications of their conduct is by default a hideous act of antisemitism. Good Luck never asking oneself hard questions." --HARRY VOX

******** HARRY VOX's channel: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/qiSSqbll667s/


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