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Boundless Energy
Published on Mar 30, 2023
Mankind vs. "the four monkeys"
The three familiar symbolic monkeys - the eternally looking away, the eternally mute, and the eternally deaf are only part of the self-created problem, especially in our current timeline.
A fourth idle monkey with folded arms should complete the trio and form a quadriga. The quintessence of the first three ignorant monkeys creates inertia and with it a seemingly desired outcome for the ruling class.
In recent decades, global indoctrination seems to have allowed the proverbial noose around our necks to be further tightened in a top-down strategy, reinforced by the technologies of the time.
Many are already suffering from gasping. 😊

But how could supposed inactivity be turned on its head and thus lead to constructive action? How can we learn to be independent again and to use our creative power - even if a dark planetary force is constantly trying to make it impossible?

Let's get straight to the point: Learn to listen carefully again, look at everything openly and speak openly and honestly what is on your heart without fear. Realize that everyone is like you. We are all united.
In addition, an apparent "problem" should first be recognized and clearly identified.
To do this, uninformed beings need data sequences that can grow into information, allowing everyone to think and act appropriately.

This "recovery process" is similar to healing from disease to health.
Anyone who sits idly by until a so-called disease breaks out and ignores all of their body’s warning signals before considering a change, has to consistently endure the supposed pain – and hopefully has learned their personal lesson on the way to “improvement” and is now adapting their actions earlier accordingly.

Just as the body warns us in advance and thus gives us the opportunity to correct our course, we are also constantly being informed in everyday life with signals that something is out of balance.
Unfortunately, most people still perceive these signals unconsciously, but a planetary transformation process of an "ensouled" humanity and the entire planet has already begun.
This is a particularly critical, compelling point and essential for positive development and reduction of matrix entropy.

We should make life easier for our brothers and sisters on the planet, accelerate a transformation process and provide as much factual and reliable information as possible.
This information should not be dressed in missionary robes and certainly not conveyed with a haughty raised index finger, but enable the recipients to make decisions and lead each individual to self-determination.
Yes, we must grow up!

Having quenched our thirst for knowledge and clearly identified a problem, we can now focus on solutions and strategies.
The best strategy for finding a solution in the jungle of indoctrination is to go into the bird's eye view, leave the frog's eye view and look at the big picture with all the connected puzzle pieces of the macro level.
Under no circumstances should one artificially ban oneself from thinking and not shy away from taboo subjects. A "truth" needs neither bodyguards nor patrons.

Solutions and strategies should not be based on partial problems or easily tangible solutions that always punish the wrong people, namely the so-called "useful idiots", only to be able to feel better afterwards and to reduce the feeling of powerlessness.
However, those who strive to get closer to a "truth" and "reality" and try to find solutions will have more success.
In this case, too, the process of a health disorder in our body is very similar.
It is not the pain and symptom and subsequent disability that are "to blame," the original source of the torment, but the inactive ignorance of an inhabitant of the body.

Coming from the predatory and misanthropic pharmaceutical industry and from paid universities, medical professionals act mainly from conventional medical textbooks, which specialize largely in treating symptoms rather than healing.
There are medicines for all symptoms, only for a healing process no high-quality information is recommended by governments, by the pharmaceutical industry or by most mainstream doctors.
Who wants to saw off the branch you're sitting on? However, it is not a security and guarantee for an undisturbed matrix life; there will come a time when the branch will break from the burden laid upon it, taking everything with it.
A patient kept ill seems to offer a steady income and is difficult to break out of the spiral.

Even though a dark cabal and Jewish Zionist circles are making holistic ascension difficult and trying to make it impossible for all time, all souled humans always have the power to connect directly to the Absolute and so to these seemingly diabolical attempts at division and distraction resist.

At this point I would like to briefly touch on the subject of demonstrations.
I don't want to downplay the point of a public mass demonstration, but a self-demonstration is much more important.
Live every day for what you believe in.
Be yourself and not a copy of a crowd. Shine out of and through you. Realize that you are already a perfect work of art, and save your strength and energy for entropy-reducing tasks - always use them wisely and positively.
Focus on one solution and don't get bogged down in side projects.

Let's go - start now! 😊

End of Story.



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