BANNED FROM YOUTUBE: Louis Farrakhan DESTROYS 'Satanic Jews' By Exposing Jewish Slave Owners

Published on May 29, 2020
Louis Farrakhan tried to explain to Black People modern day slavery.
Turns out Jews ran the African Slave Trade.
They sold a bunch of black slaves in markets like the Cohen & Moses Auction house.
The Facebook bans creates a very funny situation, which is obviously what they were trying to avoid by not banning Louis Farrakhan:
Black people like Louis Farrakhan because he is black,
Black people don’t care that he talks about Jews
Black people do not care about Jews.
I’m not really convinced that black people are able to distinguish between Jews and white people – especially if they don’t live in a heavily Jewish area of the country.
But getting a whole new segment of the population angry about censorship is not good, even if they are a group as powerless as the blacks.
Remember how Lebrown James wanted that "Jew Money" on Twitter then had to delete the tweet?
Its bc of the (((NBA Owners)))
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A Catholic church hosted Louis Farrakhan for anti-Facebook speech. At least one Jewish group was not happy about it
Farrakhan rails against ‘Satanic Jews’ in wake of 'Facebook jail' | Fox News


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