Incandescent light bulbs don't have a warning label but LED bulbs do. Why? Glad you asked.

Published on Mar 3, 2023
One more way to kill us.
More videos with things you need to know (mostly):
Pfizer Unable To Finish Press Conference As Spokespeople Keep Collapsing - 不不不
How in the heck can he even do that?
Ex Mason Exposes the Sexual Habits of Free Masonry - Bill Schnoebelen
Was there a great reset 120 years ago-Is our history a big fat lie? How many resets have there been?
It's a miracle! It's a miracle! He is healed! He is healed!
It took him two weeks to pack...and 4 seconds to unload.
Beyonce Beyond Evil Exposed - She is a demonic witch, her former drummer spills the beans
He got squished. He really thought he was going to hold all that weight up...
Pow Pow Pow. When underestimating your opponent goes horribly wrong. Lesson learned?
By the numbers, which has more criminals? NBA? NFL? Or....who? (This is a must see)
This is How Luciferians Brainwash Our Culture (pulled from YouTube)
Rare video of cities from around the world in the late 1800's
The mystery of the "Repopulation Postcards"...whats with all the babies? Where are the parents?
He baked Grandma some very special brownies for her birthday.
This picture shows who is really in charge of this shit show. The who behind the evil of the world
The same car crash videoed at ever increasing speeds. (30mph to 260mp) OUCH!
Is this a glitch in the matrix? I will let you decide
No helmet. No brains. Needs to pull his pants up. Runs down a lady walking across a parking lot.
Preacher explains - You can get cut up, dressed up and drugged up but there are only two genders 不
Are you eating the plastic eggs from Walmart?
Admiral Byrd: Order of the penguin? Masons? Hidden Hand? Antarctica? Mermaids? Interesting Info
Joe Biden - Clones, Doubles, Actors, Masks, Hiding In Plain Sight, Holograms Or CGI?
Best Of Deep Fakes Compilation - What they can do with CGI and 'deep learning technology'
Hybrid World: The Plan to Modify and Control The Human Race (2012) Documentary
Walmart Wars - Dude tries to throw a shopping cart at an employee and gets stuck in it 不不不
Instant Car Karma: Woman kills catalytic converter thief by backing her SUV over him
Fake Blue Man Group Performer's fire breathing trick goes badly - Spits fire all over his group
5 Ohio Toxicology Testers Die In Freak Plane Crash - Another Coincidence? Cover up?


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