Our True History! - Where Do Europeans Come From? - Documentary (Part 3)

Published on May 27, 2020
The most effective way to destroy people
is to deny and obliterate their
own understanding of their history. - George Orwell
This series deals with our TRUE origin,
that has been DELIBERATELY deprived from us by the globalists.
It may be desperate times we live in. Europe is being destroyed from within before our own eyes and anyone that pities it is being called an extremist. But even this, placed in perspective, there is hope. Christianity also was desperate in the year 127 A.D.
When we know our TRUE history I BELIEVE the European Christians will rise again as one GREAT FORCE!
This is what National Socialist Germany understood and phrased as "Blood and Honor" (Blut und Ehre)
The short (twelve year) revival of the TRUE NATURE of the EUROPEAN IDENTITY was smashed by the (not so) "Chosen" People BEFORE it had a chance to settle...Let's make the WHOLE OF EUROPE National-Socialistic with RESPECT for other races and cultures, if they respect US AS WELL! If not, get back in your cave!
Although the narrative is (rather...?) dull and nerdy, the CONTENT makes it more than worthwhile!
This series was made by Asha Logos.


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