Mahabharath: The Great Origin Of Everything

Published on Feb 13, 2022
All over the world, including India, judiciary is manned by the Jews. The Jews have the strong belief that they are the Chosen People. The Jewish Brahmins of India, who drafted and advocated the infamous Manu dharma, held the same view that they are the special people compared to the rest of India. When judiciary is manned by people who think that they are the chosen people, how can there ever be justice?

The Jews being traders they lived in every important nation as a small minority. But, they developed a strong bond to the ruling class of every nation, most often terrorising the monarchies with their cunning deeds. It is well known that Jews make up all the secret societies, all the deeds of secret societies are indeed cunning deeds. The Jews instigate wars and destruction all over the world. Thus in every nation Jews controlled the governance. When they controlled the governance of nations, they also controlled the judiciary, which is a key part of the governance. Hence, Jews had been controlling the judiciary of the world for the past 5000 years. Hence, for the past 5000 years, the world events were controlled by Jewish community. There has never been real justice all over the world.

Mahabarath Saguni was a Jew. Saguni, the Jew brought the "white" Jewish woman and got her married to Thiruthratshan of Mahabarath. Through that marital relationship, he won the iron trade of the Kauravas. He also led the Kauravas to Mahabarath War in an effort to destroy the Pandavas. The Tamil words used in Tamil version of Mahabharat were Soodhu, Yuddham and Yukthi to prove "Saguni" a Jew. The Tamil name for Jews is "Yudha". The etymology gave the characteristics of Jews as "Cunning, Gambler, and War instigators".

Tamil Etymology of Soodhu is Yudha→Sudhu→Soodhu.
- "Yudha" means Jews.
- "Soodhu" means unfair act
- "Soodhattam" means gambling.

Tamil Etymology of Yuddham is Yudha→Yudham→Yuddham.
- "Yudha" means Jews.
- "Yudham" means Judaism.
- "Yuddham" means war.

Tamil Etymology of Yukthi is Yudha→Yuktha→Yukthi.
- "Yudha" means Jews.
- "Yuktha" means tool. It is a Sanskrit word. Its Tamil word is "Sadhanam".
- "Yukthi" means cunning strategy.

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