Zyklon Don – Fashin’

Published on May 29, 2020
Third Reich Music Vids:
Zyklon Don – Fashin’ (rich the kid – splashin’ parody)
talk like uncle ruckus on the boondocks (ruckus)
chad like a white jock with some white chalk (white chalk)
i like hanging nigs from the tree tops (noose)
slap a thot havin kids out of wedlock (no thot)
show my power level like a peac-ck (-peac-ck sound-)
black and white totenkopfs on my flip flops
never catch me relaxing
mouths on the curb get to smashing (crack)
wetbacks, are they dripping or they splashing (splashing)
adl, they can’t catch me when i’m g-ssing (tsst tsst)
how 6 million die then their numbers rose again (bullsh-t)
pointing out the lie, is anti-semitism (oh gawd)
since i got those pellets i’ve been dropping them
[verse 1]
orange man bad sucking on the jew crack (good goy)
netanyahu, you can have your b-tch back (take him)
unemployment low for n-gg-rs and for wetbacks (who cares?)
i don’t really think he can get his base back (nope)
said he’d send em all packing, where’s the wall at? (where’s the wall at?)
sending aid to israel, like we want that (scratch that)
trump shabbos goy shilling aipac (gas that)
uss liberty they did attack (where’s the lie at?)
boomer f-gs, don’t want to hear that (die already)
it all makes me sick to my stomach (sick!)
this time it really will be a genocide (rats)
1488 white pride worldwide (worldwide)
[verse 2]
i’m g-ssing jews, but they pile up (pile up)
put kikes in a cage, like a wrestler (ooh yeah!)
toss them in the ocean like an anchor (overboard)
then, stack the bodies up like tetris (tetris)
when the heebs are gone, round up n-gg-s (-ape noises-)
rolling through the hood roping black bucks (jigaboos)
n-gg–b-tches too, got them lined up (das rite)
made a sign “free kfc” and put the sign up (stupid n-gg-rs)
mouth on the curb, tell them kiss that (kiss that)
next thing you know, you’ll hear a big crack (crack)
nog teeth everywhere like tic tacs (candy)
dumb apes probably didn’t expect that (sheeeeeit)


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