Madd Cold - Zionist Job (9/11 Truth Rap) Ft. Payday Monsanto

Published on Sep 25, 2021
Crime of the century, who was responsible/Who had the power to do the impossible?/Who had the power to move through the obstacles?/I’ll tell you who yo, the Jews had a roster full/City to the federal regime and the state/Incredible that you intellectuals believe in a fake/It’s like a perpetual disease and it makes/you all go dumb when the devils do a scheme that is great/Yeah, they are powerful men but we don’t attribute Allah’s (God’s) power to them, while you cower to them, we’re telling you that we will debate/with anyone who thinks they are harmless creatures, they are not/No, they are born deceivers, pompous cheaters, godless heathens and heartless demons who, view we goyim as edibles to bleed on their plate/
Speaking this truth is hardly a sin/Sorry my friend/Don’t get my anti-Zionist and anti-imperialist identity from Chomsky and Zinn/Do you think that’s anti-Semitic too? Damn asinine pathetic fool then here, allow me to incite some more with the facts/Why was Ehud Olmert in New York the very night before the attacks?/Netanyahu coined the terms in his 1987 book, the “war on terror” is a con/Ehud Barak was on the BBC minutes after the towers went down to, label all of Israel’s foes for America to bomb/Listen up closely, ain’t gonna be no peace, ‘till these genocidal, warlord settlers are gone/
HOOK (written by Madd Cold; sung/spit by Payday Monsanto) On September the 11th An angel fell from Heaven New World Order was implemented Along with Armageddon Israel did it, we see through your lies We will not let you cover up your crimes It’s time, to declare we won’t lose We will fight you and break you with the truth It was a Zionist job Nine eleven was a Zionist job Zionist media corrupts and fills up your brain, with the most inane of plot lines/So I’ma give you a crash course, like the remote-controlled planes of Zakheim/They want you thinking that to decline asking is better/But you have to know, Shin Bet infiltrated PFLP in Uganda to link hijacking to terror/Afghan “moujahideen” to Abu Nidal to Ahmad Ajaj in ‘93, it’s Mossad tying all these designed actors together/Massive mind control of the steadyasleep and blind masses/Make ‘em think “bomb” every time they see an Arab or Muslim, it is a devilishly defined tactic/Get to know Efraim Halevy and Amos Malka, ruthless, evil and murderous/
Project For A New American Century was the brainchild of Jewish neoconservatives/Avraham Bendor, Peter Zvi Malkin and Stephen Berger/jacked the Twin Towers blueprints and their scheme wasn’t seen or heard of/Lewis Eisenberg helped privatize the WTC, he was a key subverter/Jewish entity handled the bombing with potence, Ehud Barak’s SCP Partners made the nano-composite explosives used in the egregious murder/So I don’t care if you get hot/‘cause I say “Islamic extremists” are boogeymen that Rita Katz and her yahoud concoct/I rightly say Jews a lot/I refuse to stop/Only “fundamentalists” are Lowy, Silverstein and Chertoff and I assure y’all, they ain’t going to the masjid to do Salat/ REPEAT HOOK World’s up in arms so they call out to me, “We want the Zionists dead and to hell so knock ‘em out Cold!”/I’ma do it, ICTS of the Israeli enemy, linked to everything, from 7-7 to MH17 and founded by Ezra Harel and Menachem Atzmon
/These yarmulke criminals called 9/11 their Hanukkah Miracle, Gentile slaughter and they’re candidly thankful/Truth ain’t compatible with their fanatical agenda, that’s why Mossad ended the lives of Philip Marshall and Danny Jowenko/Makes you wonder, will they take Hamid Gul, Alan Sabrosky or Francesco Cossiga next and yet/the Loose Change crew of a few lame Jews ain’t have Mossad target their necks and chests/Why is it because of their funder Deborah Simon whose father-in-law Mel ran with Lucky Huckster Larry?/And don’t you dare say that they’re just red herrings/which is code for the Jewish connections you wanna duck and parry/They were the first foot soldiers of the Limited Hangout of Cass Sunstein/Can we just blast one time for the real truth-seekers shining light on the rabid dark/
And blast again for the 9/11 victims’ families, burned by Kenneth Feinberg and Sheila Birnbaum, this is barbarity, it is not tragic farce/It is the murkiest, shaytanic underworld dirtiness of Skadden Arps/As well as Stroock, Stroock, Lavan, shoot through the sky and take down with us every last paid message of the Yidlings/Expose the roles of Michael Goff of P-Tech, and James Schlesinger of MITRE/Anger’s fomenting across the globe and I’ma make it grow louder/By telling ‘em John O’Neil was murdered by Maurice Greenberg, Jeremy Kroll and Jerome Hauer/Do this for every innocent inside of both Towers/
But first and foremost for every Afghani, Iraqi, Pakistani, Somali, Yemeni, Libyan, Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian, that faced their oblivion at the hands of these stone cold cowards/Smash the Talmudic Cabal ‘till they got no mo’ power/Thought you’d survive, come hell or high water/But instead yo


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