Ultimate collection of Hitler speeches, 2 hours w/ subtitles

Published on Nov 11, 2020
2 hours of Hitler speeches (subtitled) [Ultimate Collection]
The ongoing & constant vilification & demonization of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich in the Jewish-controlled media is to prevent & discourage the disclosure of Hitler’s (German) Economic & Social miracle, which, during his reign, kicked out the parasitic influence of International Jewry.
The paradigm, which Hitler’s NSDAP ushered in, was so ahead of its time that it boggles the mind. The NSDAP, if not stopped, could of eventually brought in free-energy technologies and encouraged many nations of the world to eliminate the practice of usury, avoid the global central banking system and rid their country from the reins of Jewish Supremacy.
The potential of National Socialism was demonstrated on the ground, and not just in theory. No matter if mistakes were made, no matter if Germany’s National Socialist government experienced some internal & external issues, the economic & social power of National Socialism cannot be denied. It is based on Natural Law! Long live National Socialism!
Note: Hitler’s economic & social miracle was actually not a “miracle”, it was simply the logical result of what happens when National Socialists run their nation without the parasitic influence of International Jewry. National Socialism operates in accord with the Laws of Nature, the natural order of things. National Socialism is holistic & practical in its approach.
60 Hours of Hitler’s Table Talk & National Socialist analysis (playlist): https://www.bitchute.com/playlist/P3rdKz82EO38/
Must-see National Socialist documentaries:
This channel is dedicated to National Socialism and serves to cross-promote the free 1,100 page E-book, “The Battle to preserve Western Civilization (European Folk Soul vs. Jewish Supremacy), presented by The Noble Protagonist.
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Watch the biggest cover-up in history… Hellstorm: The real genocide of National Socialist Germany
Disclaimer: The “intent” of this Channel and Noble’s work is to serve the public’s interest; to alert the public of the dangers of International Jewry, which is a threat to national security. In the Comment Section you will find a combination of legitimate & honest Pro-White advocacy, pure degeneracy and Controlled Opposition.
To learn more about Controlled Opposition within the White race and to avoid traitors of the White race and their honey traps, check out this article, linked here: http://www.renegadetribune.com/avoiding-traitors-and-honey-traps/


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