9/11 The Essential Guide - An attack on human consciousness

Published on Mar 18, 2023
9/11 was an attack on human consciousness - The rest of the "9/11 Deprogramming" series available on this channel.

AE911truth / Richard Gage and now Andy Steele keep on asking for an “independent forensic study” of WHAT happened at the WTC complex, when such an “independent forensic study” has been done and the EVIDENCE was submitted as high up as the Supreme court of America, via a Qui-Tam case against NIST and the subcontractors who wrote the NIST Report, for SCIENCE FRAUD, way back in 2009!

If this court case was heard and not illegally dismissed by the judge, the governmental subcontractors with links to advanced weaponry, who were tasked with the secured clean up operations at ground zero and tasked with helping to write the FRAUDULENT NIST Report, these companies would have been DEPOSED back in 2009 already!

13 years of theories by the “9/11 truth” movement have been regurgitated to a point of exhaustion and it is currently turning into a waste of time, as they aren’t bringing anything new to the table.

Why does AE911truth / Richard Gage and now Andy Steele censor anyone who brings this up and why is AE911truth / Richard Gage and now Andy Steele keeping mum about this 2009 Qui-Tam case?

Are we not searching for truth about WHAT happened to those buildings with a WTC prefix?

Time for AE911truth / Richard Gage and now Andy Steele to stop focussing on just 3 buildings, when indeed there was MAJOR anomalies with 8 BUILDINGS!

Why aren’t you talking about the 9/11 orphans, Buildings 3, 4, 5 and 6?

Why not discuss the anomalous Banker’s Trust building, that was repaired, just to be dismantled a few years later due to the integrity of the steel that was waning? What does that?


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