Benjamin Netanyahu Wants To Enslave America And The Arabs - Joe Biden Bows To Netanyahu!

Fuck Devil Jews
Published on May 13, 2021
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Netanyahu was the one who ordered the escalation we are witnessing in blessed land of Palestine... ,He ordered it believing that the escalations would serve his own goals in order to win the right-wing votes and form a government.
The war crimes in Palestine aims to implement plans for annexation and displacement of thousands of Palestinians - Netanyahu wants the backing of the right wingers in Israel, to ensure no political uproar. And that's the truth in a nutshell...
But we have a verse in the Quran.. They plan and He plans and Allah is the best of planners. Netanyahu's calculations were wrong, and the Israeli Defense Force will be forced to retreat from its maneuvers, because the situation in Palestine today goes against Netanyahu's dreams. His actions have united Gaza with the West Bank like never before and this is a perfect opportunity to open many different fronts against the zionist occupational forces.


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