Kay Griggs Interview (1998)

Published on Apr 11, 2021

Lee Medlin (4 days ago)

Former military officer here, and what you’re saying is 100% right. Sexual deviancy, infidelity, and overall disgraceful behavior was common place. The very officer that’s reading private Joe snuffy his article 15 is the same one who’s partying off post banging prostitutes. I’m so glad I ETSd when I did bc having no morals is the only one to survive.
@Lee Medlin Thank you for your honesty. The majority of the 20+ year career servicemen are "born-to-be" Masonic groomed agents. They'll have the Kabbalah gematria coding in two main ciphers: 33, 39, 47, 51, 57, 74 & 93. There's many other numbers and ciphers that they use but this Masonic global network can be identified. Another common factor in this network is their blood type mainly they're "Rhesus Factor Antigen" carriers. This is a fact and I have studied thousands of cases.

I'm sure (((they))) made it hard for you to consider making the military service a career, and you got out like any honorable person would. You should run the gematria on the names of people you remember that flew through the ranks..., and use all the 25+ ciphers. There's about 2-15 satanic pagan ciphers they use coding these Masonic-Jesuit Criminal Network "born-to-be" groomed agents. I have not found one person yet that's not a coded Masonic agent that receives a retirement pension from the U.S. Military..., not a one.
Public Domain video of the Kay Griggs Interview (1998) by Rick Strawcutter. This is the first of two interviews and testimonies of Kay Griggs.

Kay Griggs was a military wife who learned way too much about her husband's job. Her husband would drink too much and he started talking openly about the real workings of the U.S. military, leadership training, drug-running and weapons sales, and the secret worldwide camps that train professional assassins. His stories were about murder, corruption, assassinations, and government lies. After he disappeared for a short time, she began receiving threats and decided to tell her story.

Kay is a professing Christian and was married to Marine Corps Colonel George Griggs in the late 1980s, who raised to an influential position as Chief of Staff. She came to realize that he was entirely mind-controlled. He abused and battered her when he drank.

These unedited interviews with Pastor Rick Strawcutter of Adrian, Michigan, were conducted in 1998. Kay reports of world events and our current global scenario.

Source: (Public Domain) Historic Educational Interviews

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