Published on Nov 17, 2022
Dianna Ploss with Jim (Rabid Rib-Eye Rizoli) of Temple Isra-Hell Joe (Minister of Hate) Rizoli
Diane (ala) King, Minister of Third Reich Advocacy
This link with the police standing down on on Brazilians in the City and letting them get away with criminality is OUTRAGEOUS.....It is my hope more people complain about this.. The Newspapers, the police, The City Council, the Schools have decided to to let these people run lawless..

1. 6 min into, Brazilian Illegals driving and causing accidents in Framingham and the cops do NOTHING....The Police allowed this mans Constitution Rights, Ernest, to be violated by letting an obvious crime take place, and harm done to him and they did NOTHING...The Framingham police department and the Police chief needs some explaining to do....The illegal alien ran a stop sign, totaled Ernest car, gave a false address and the policeman let her go without ANY citation. Ernest tried to rectify the situation, went to the address she gave and found out she didn't live there....
Corrupt cops let illegal alien go free, American stuck with the bill, Ernest goes to the City hall and complains
Bitchute link when it goes up there
2. 33 min - Leo Frank the Jewish sex pervert fiasco for humanity
3. 44 min - Robert Kraft (Patriots) marries his daughter ... lol
4. 56 min - Dianna's jingle
5. 58 min - Ron Desantis went to YALE, hmmmm, Skull and bones???
6. 59 min - Trump, 3d bid running for president, Yikes
7. 1 Hr - Holocaust denier being chased
8. 1 hr 6 min - Doctors cutting up teens
9. 1 hr 10 min - Jews organ harvesting
10. 1 hr 14 min - “Throw the Jews down the well” Borat video
11. 1 hr 20 min - Jew goes nuts over bible verse at school
12. 1 hr 39 min - Greenblatt and Amazon
13. 1 hr 42 min - Jews ARE the ANTICHRIST
14. 1 hr 46 min - Kevin Spacey going spacy
15. 1 hr 56 min - Looking forward to Gemma O’Dougherty interview with us Friday
16. 1 hr 58 min - LIVE call in - “Cubic Zirconium” loves us, a diamond in the ruff, she said Claims Diamond and Silk, her cousins banned her on their TWITTER (?) page.
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