A Tribute To Gypsy Crusader

Published on Mar 22, 2021
Original was deleted of Youtube for "Hate Speech"

If Paul Miller ever sees this, I just want to let you know that for the past seven months, your content has made my and thousands happy. You have redpilled me and shown the truth to me you could say. And how was prison, was it boring. o/ for Paul
#FreeGypsy #FreeGypsyCrusader #GypsyCrusader
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Bitwave.tv - MIGHT MAKE ONE??????
This is an Art Project
Music in this video
Lady (Hear Me Tonight) https://youtu.be/mMfxI3r_LyA
Little Dark Age - https://youtu.be/ETEg-SB01QY
FASHWAVE - https://youtu.be/FA6SRm471OM

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