BrandNewTube Censors for jewry - Proof

Published on Nov 2, 2020
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Here is proof that BrandNewTube censors — deletes videos — in service of jewry. The self-described “senior founder” of the video platform BrandNewTube is Muhammed Butt, and I present to you his video statements and his comments in reply to my comments.
It would seem that Mr. Butt is an Arab. Arabs are supposed to know very well about jews. Right? But this one, if he is an Arab and not a crypto-jew, portrays himself as ignorant of any truth about jewry. He talks and writes like jewry is just another religion next to Islam, Christianity, etc.
But his first message to BNT account-holders on the subject of deleting videos said that the “Police” asked BNT to delete videos against “a certain religion” ….
Know this, my fellow Whites: BrandNewTube is deleting videos of the top truth against the Enemy Of Humanity — jewry — and the senior founder is “pleased” to do it, as he said he is pleased with how he and the Police have “worked together” in doing it.
One of my videos was deleted by BNT, thus far.
I sent BNT an email on 25 October 2020 asking them in what country these “Police” told BNT to delete videos, and by what authority, and if BNT was voluntarily exploding free speech. As of today, 2 November 2020, BNT has not replied.
Previous emails by me to BNT about service problems were always answered. But not this time.
Will BNT censor jews’ videos and blacks’ videos that call for killing Whites? Will BNT apply the same censorship practices against other races that BNT is committing against Whites?
A dozen years of experience in truthtelling websites tells me: NO, and NO.
The source:
Fellow Whites who are single, divorced, or widowed, join as have I!


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