Why is African identity so important to many young Africans?

Published on Feb 23, 2021
Afroism, Africanism and African identity may well only be buzz words to some people. But to many Africans they are much more. They see African identity as a major element in defining their origins. But Africa isn’t a country and there isn’t only one element that explains identify, especially in the intermingled and multicultural world in which we are living today. So why is African identity so important? Is it your skin tone that makes you African? How do young Africans define themselves in today's world? Reporter Edith Kimani gets to the heart of this complex issue in a street debate. Among the participants are Aime Baraza, who sings with Souti Sol Bien, poet and songwriter Tetu Shani, human rights lawyer Sofia Rajab and journalist Christine Mungai.


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