Madd Cold - Counter Hegemony (Anti-Zionist Underground Hiphop Rap)

Published on Sep 26, 2021
Can I please get a magnificent quenelle for/The prince, our brother Nicolas Anelka/Yeah, yeah, if you’re listening then yell for/the continued fight against evil today/’Cause our world view is that of Dieudonné/You call us anti-Semitic, g’head then watch as these bigots push more/We don’t recognize you so fuck the Zionists who run British football/Talking ‘bout Bernstein and Roman Abramovich/Wanna put ‘em both in a zone that is bottomless/ Laughing at the maggots as they’re choking and vomiting/Zion we’ve arrived to overthrow your apocalypse/Like Ronaldo when he scores a goal, I’m anomalous/Here to deal a blow that is prominent to every/Israeli dust-mite’s panorama/
And support Palestine with no fear, just like Maradona/ HOOK We are rejection, we are resistance, we are the real revolution To hell with oppression, to hell with the system, we are the only solution We are not here to feed you a pack of lies We are here to open up your eyes World is infected, this sound is the remedy Mouqawamah Music,
Counter-Hegemony I’m here for liberation and I told you I’m not to be deprived/I am the amalgamation of Super Saiyan Goku and Ahmadinejad/Empire’s future is in doubt, so to, the old fools, your prophecy’s denied/Your freedom is a farce yo, Pinochet, Sisi, that Shah ho, Montt and Suharto, how dare you front like your stooges are humane/When they’re just murderers, doing what you say/They are an aversion to Godliness, a corrupted gang of vermin and Harvey Dents, you groomed them as Two-Faced/But we are striking back, our movement is too great/And we stand against the expansion of NATO so of course we are with Russia’s every move in the Ukraine/Na, we ain’t some fakers, we’re some do or die folk/
Putting blood, sweat and tears on the paper without the razors and the suicide note/
REPEAT HOOK You say our victories are small, but yo’ asses will not survive all these hiccups/We are here to secure justice for Patrice Lumumba and Maurice Bishop/Time for you to pay up and pronto, dig?/Their revolution’s back with a vengeance, Grenada and the Congo live/For Ghana’s Kwame Nkrumah and Thomas Sankara, of Burkina Faso/Those who wronged you ain’t immortal and they need to be left bleeding in a steaming rathole/
Conspiracy is real cocksuckers so I ain’t gotta exaggerate the virus/And if it’s a response to oppression then you’re motherfucking right that I am advocating violence/Counter-Hegemony’s the motto ‘till my lyrics groove on citadels where martyrs move higher/Out to change the map of the whole region like the Syrian Arab Army and Hizbullah’s Qalamoun triumph/ REPEAT HOOK


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