Columbia police arrest 7 in child exploitation, human trafficking sting

Published on Aug 6, 2020
link: Previously: 15 arrested in child sex sting including CHP officer, prison employee
Decapitated corpse of pedophile found on doorstep of judge that granted bail
Ed Buck Charged with Four Additional Felonies
Hillary Campaign Routinely Monitored News For Connections Between Epstein & Bill Clinton
Prince Andrew had ‘an orgy with numerous other under aged girls:' Ghislaine Maxwell / court docs
Protest at BBC office to remove their pedophile statue
Alan Dershowitz doubles down on statutory rape views
Stephen Hawking Named in Epstein Files
Prince Andrew lobbied to get Jeffrey Epstein's sweetheart plea-deal
Bill Clinton stayed in Epstein's orgy island because he owed 'a favor' say court docs
Ghislaine Maxwell Loses Bid to Block Court From Unsealing Epstein Documents
Trump backs Hydroxy Doctor
The Fauci chronicles: Do as We say, Not as we do
Bill Gates can't hold back sinister smile over Plandemic 2.0
63 yr-old attorney arrested on 3 counts of aggravated stalking of a child under 16
Queen Elizabeth's nephew implicated via Epstein's list
Kim Jong-un puts Kaesong City on lock-down in North Korea
5G Tech & induction of coronavirus abstract WITHDRAWN
Fauci said HCQ was effective 15 yrs ago
CDC says face masks don't work
N Koreans get 3 months hard labor for not wearing face mask
Ohio House Speaker, 4 others arrested in $60 million bribery case
Joe Biden Helped Sweep Russian Spy Ring Under the Rug
Joe Biden being listed as criminal suspect by Ukraine officials
Swimming with sharks
Murderer of Judge Esther Salas' son, attorney, kills himself
Judge assigned to Jeffrey Epstein-related case, ambushed, son shot dead
Petition to Investigate Bill Gates reaches 602K signatures
Canada is 'adjoined' to the United States: Articles of Confederation, 1781
Activists Remove Head From Cecil Rhodes Statue in Cape Town
WHO Will Not Investigate Wuhan Lab
Robert De Niro Confronts ‘Financial Ruin’
'Most-wanted' pedophile mastermind arrested in France
Mississippi Mayor & Wife Indicted on Wire Fraud Charges
The Meghan Markle Maskle
Mayor of Seoul found dead, possible suicide
Attorney Keith Mitchell accused in Toledo City Council bribe scheme
4 Toledo City Council members arrested for bribery & extortion
Ghislaine Maxwell arrested as Prince Andrew sweats bullets
Attorns with guns
'Yachts O'Trouble' - Pedophile yacht owner gets 35 yrs in federal prison
Arizona attorney pleads guilty to illegal adoption practice
Former Israeli PM named as Sex Offender in Epstein court filings
Judge Mary Shaw signed 5 no-knock warrants in 12 minutes, one of which was Breonna Taylor’s
Oxford theology prof. jailed in France for downloading child abuse images
Now they want to tear Andrew Jackson's statue down
German Officials Placed Children with Known Pedophiles For 30 Years
Calendar of the deep state according to Johnny Delirious
17 arrested for child porn including Disney employees, nurse, underwear 'ingester'
S Korea cuts power to border building blown up by North, N Korean Military Set To Advance Into DMZ
Previously: Oregon pedophile faces 2,750-year jail sentence
Human Trafficking Network in Spain Dismantled: 12 arrests, 1000 victims identified
Toronto police officer, 9 men charged in human-trafficking investigation
Flashback - Canadian child porn bust: Nearly 400 children rescued, 348 adults arrested

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