Published on Jan 17, 2022

THE MINDWAR PARADIGM Mind control Leaked Joe Rogan Audio , Show's He Lied About Spotify Censoring Him Robert David Steele Ruins His Credibility In Politics, Claims Children Are Being Taken To Mars Steve Pieczenick Says To Alex Jones You We're The Vehicle..The System Used Implement What It Needed Alex Jones Says "No Joe I'm With The CIA" ^^^^ jordan peterson dave rubin ben shapiro sam harris brett weinstein Alex Jones Controversial Call 1 Joe Rogan's Connection To Epstein/Naomi Campbell Eyes Wide Shut Party (Credit To Josh Reeves) Alex Jones Says "I've Been Around The Real Satanists" Alex Jones Says He's Jewish Alex Jones Talks About Trump's Dad Being A Large Funder Of The JBS John Birch Society Steve Pieczenick In 2018 Implies A Military Coup He Backed Put Trump Into Office Alex Jones "Trump Was Recruited By U.S Military Intelligence For A Fact" Steve Pieczenick Says "Ive Never Been An Aficionado Of The Constitution - Because It's Outdated" Alex Jones Says I've Been Recruited By Patriot Elements Of The Shadow Government Alex Jones Says He Would Love To See Biden Succeed & "To Do Better Deals With China" "Alex Jones Goes To Washington" Washington Post Alex Jones Confronts Janet Reno On Waco Alex Jones Says He's Like A Morlock, & Like Bill Gates & Klaus Schwab 'Im A Brutal Killing Machine' MUST WATCH: Infowars Is The Excalibur, Waiting For You "Alex Jones" Exposed 24 - Time Space Continuum Reflections Of The Third "Alex Jones" Exposed 26 - I run the CIA, Joe! (Tricksters) "Alex Jones" Exposed 18 - Chaos Magick, PuppeTose "Alex Jones" Exposed 5 - Are you a good witch? "Alex Jones" Exposed 7 - Sacred cows know! "Alex Jones" Exposed 12 - Jon Ronson talks too much "Alex Jones" Exposed 16 - Leo Zagami & Notre Dame Fire Masonic Fairy Tales "Alex Jones" Exposed 17 - Frank Gannon: "Mocking" Bird Handler - WARNING CONTAINS FEAR PORN!!! Jordan B. Peterson Exposed Joe Rogan Exposed - "Hail satan" "Alex Jones" Exposed 1 - Disinformation "Alex Jones" Exposed 3 - Sex and fear "Alex Jones" Exposed 14 - Gandalf the wicked "Alex Jones" Exposed 22 - Chaos Magick, Alexander Dugin (Rasputin 3030) "Alex Jones" Exposed 2 - Phase 6.66 "Alex Jones" Exposed 10 - The Demonic Convergence "Alex Jones" Exposed 26 - I run the CIA, Joe! (Tricksters) "Alex Jones" Exposed 19 - The Secret Teddy Bears of the Bohemian Grove Picnic "Alex Jones" Exposed 21 - Everybody plays the fool - WARNING CONTAINS FEAR PORN!!! "Alex Jones" Exposed 29 - REX84 PSYOP RUN! (AC13 Virus) "Alex Jones" Exposed 28 - "a guy that lived in Austin" (Kevin Booth) Alex Jones in the Media 2 , Megyn Kelly Interview, NBC News Alex Jones in the Media, Andrew Napolitano Interview Fox New's Alex Jones In The Media 3 , Geraldo Rivera Interview Fox News Alex Jones in the Media 4 , Geraldo Rivera Interview Fox News David Icke Exposed 1 - The guys THEY LIE PART 1 - Icke, Maxwell, Rogan and Jones Exposed THEY LIE PART 2 - Maxwell, Rogan, Jones, KRS-ONE, Leary and Aquino Exposed THEY LIE PART 3 - Icke, Maxwell and Jones Exposed Jordan Maxwell Exposed 1 - What goes around comes around Joe Rogan Experience #1555 - Alex Jones & Tim Dillon


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