Grigory Andreyevich Gershuni

Published on May 17, 2020
1902/3 – Grigory Andreyevich Gershuni: born in Kaunas, Russian Empire, to a Jewish family. Gershuni was a Communist and a founding member of the Workers’ Party for the Political Liberation of Russia which he later used to hijack numerous local socialist groups through merging it into the Socialist-Revolutionary Party. He also founded the SR (Jewish) Combat Organization in 1902. This planned and executed the assassination of Dmitry Sipyagin, the Minister of Interior, in April 1902, the attempted assassinate of Prince Ivan Mikhailovich Obolensky, the Governor of Kharkov, in July 1902 and the assassination of N. M. Bogdanovich, the Governor of Ufa, in May 1903. -


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