Benjamin H Freedman FBI File containing letter HQ-1

Published on Mar 10, 2021
At the beginning of this redacted document is contained a 44 page letter written by Benjamin H Freedman (a purportedly anti-zionist jew) to an unnamed Jew who had converted to Catholicism. I believe the letter may be to some one named David Goldstein. The letter appears to be in favour of preserving Christianity and highlights many heinous excerpts from the Talmud to illustrate the Jewish problem. Freedman chose to share a copy of this letter with John Edgar Hoover, Director of FBI.
Make of it what you will!
Just don't forget Rule No.1

Found at the Ernie Lazar FOIA Collection of released redacted FBI files on various right wing groups and "extremists" in America, also on Communist groups from 1940s to 70s. Heaps of fascinating stuff on there! Link below:


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