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Published on Oct 26, 2020
June 13, 2017:


It is where a certain person or group spreads lies and slander and deceit as to the TRUTH of an event. The blame will always be on an innocent third party – which may be an individual – a group – an ethnicity or an entire nation. The ultimate goal is to bring public opinion against the target person or group. The range of magnitude can be from inciting violence against a few innocent victims – to inciting hatred and war mongering against entire nations. In street language – it is simply framing an innocent person or group while the criminal goes free. The absolute masters of deceit of this evil endless evil are the jews. They have been committing these horrid crimes since before the time of Christ.

The ‘modus operandi’ of the jew in these criminal deceptions has always targeted people whose ability to rationally reason – and their levels of wisdom – and their depth of education, was somewhere between a ‘third world joke’ level of stupidity – and the IQ of retarded clams! In other words – the intelligence level of average street person in America today. There are countless videos available on U-Tube today – that prove this disgustingly true trait of our own dumbed down people. Jew controlled Public education in this country for at least an entire generation ( perhaps two) has insured that our schools are in essence – MORON FACTORIES!

If you have the SLIGHTEST notion that I am exaggerating – please see and hear for yourselves. Here is one example of many HUNDREDS of examples from nationwide surveys regarding intelligence in the USA. Let me REPEAT! This is for REAL! This was NOT intended as some sort of joke. It PROVES what kind of vegetable like imbeciles we have become.


Here is a partial list of the endless false flag events promoted by the jews so as to keep our people stupid- afraid – hate – filled – racist. The end objectives of course are the destruction of our Constitutional given freedoms and rights – the destruction of our Christian heritage and the endless unprovoked wars of mindless baseless hatred against the enemies of a foreign power – the criminal stolen terrorist state of IsraHELL! I will not fill in all the blanks. Suffice it to say that these monumental lies deceits fabrications were ALL designed to destroy our freedoms and or start regional AND global WARS – in which MILLIONS of innocent people were murdered as a result. ALL of the monumental lies were designed to assist the jews in their ultimate global of world domination. There has not been a ‘WAR’ on the planet for the past several hundred years that has not benefited world jewery!

The Lavon Affair 1954 Egypt – Attacks against US and British committed by the jews dressed like Arabs to create a war against Egypt.

The sinking of the RMS Lusitania by German submarine in 1915 - Jew used as a propaganda lie to draw the US into a world war. History later PROVED it was a legitimate enemy target

The June 1967 massacre of our sons, fathers and brothers aboard the USS Liberty. An Act of war committed by the jews to look like it was committed by Arabs so as to start WWIII

The endless lies regarding the monumental lie of the HolloHOAX! An attempt by the lying jews to spread lies about German prison camps with treasonous jews – long since discredited LIES!

The 1988 false flag bombing of PAM Am flight 103 instigated by jews and blamed on the Arabs. Later proven to be done by rogue CIA criminals

The 1986 false flag bombing of the German disco the LaBelle Club by Jew Agents to frame Libya’s Qaddaffi.

The 1991 total BS jew news media created lies about Iraqi troops gassing and bayoneting babies in Kuwait to make us hate Arabs. Jews did same lies in WWI – “Germans bayonet babies!”

The false flag propaganda lies spread by IsraHELL Mossad and American jew owned news media about Qaddaffi killing his own people.

The false flag propaganda lies spread by IsraHELL Mossad and US jew owned news media that President Assad of Syria was gassing his own people.

The 2013 false flag lies at Sandy Hook elementary School about the jew STAGED actors. It turned out to be a ‘non-shooting’ gun massacre designed to cripple our 2nd Amendment rights

The 2013 false flag lies at the Boston marathon ‘bombing’ was another jew production using green screen technology to keep people scared and angry at those ‘MOOOSElum terists’

The 2014 false flag ‘invasion of the Crimea’ by Russia. It was complete with CIA/ jew sponsored rent-a –mob agitators and has no been so discredited as to be a third world joke.

Those were just a few of the better known ones. The list of jew filthy false flag lies grow daily - and what is really sad – is that we are so unbelievably stupid – we gobble up every jew lie like pigs at the trough! The lies WILL continue – as the jew is a hard wired pathological LIAR by nature! If you don’t believe your OWN EYES and your OWN EARS – will you believe that our Lord stated EXACTY WHAT I JUST TOLD YOU – but two thousand years earlier?

Have you not by now read the most damning statement He ever spoke regarding the TRUE nature of these horrid demons? Let me remind you of it once again – as many times as it takes for this GOD-SPOKEN FACT to sink in. In John 8 - 44th verse. Christ exposed the jews as children of SATAN. SONS OF THE DEVIL- GET IT YET? But wait –there’s more! Christ also stated in that SAME verse He made it ABUNDANTLY CLEAR that (1) Satan was not just an ‘ordinary’ LIAR – but THE FATHER OF ALL LIES. And (2) that these jews WOULD ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY carry out the wishes and sins of their father- SATAN – one of which was LYING AND LIES AND DECEIT!

When will you wake up! History is BLOATED with the enormity, expanse and saturation of jew lies. OVER TWO MILLION defenseless helpless innocent human beings – ALL CIVILIANS - mostly women and children are lying rotting graves in Iraq and Afghanistan – every single one MURDERED in COLD-BLOOD by YOUR racist psychopath sons who in spite of what Jesus Himself said about these putrid demonic lying sadistic murdering Godless scum in the Bible. You tell me. What kind of demented reprobate degenerate demon would worship and obey the LIES of JEWS –while mocking the words of Christ? What kind of animals have we bred – who will slaughter helpless children for the greater glory of WAR and SATAN? What kind of sons would OPENLY and WILLINGLY mock the words of our lord: “BLESSED ARE THE PEACEMAKERS – FOR THEY SHALL BE CALLED THE CHILDREN OF GOD” – and pervert His words of love into death destruction racism and insane baseless hatred? TELL ME – what will God then call your evil sons. Would not they be called = the CHILDREN OF SATAN!?
I thank God every day that I do NOT have the burden of knowing that MY sons were sadistic demons in a mercenary VOLUNTEER wicked military that teaches cruelty death and destruction of innocent people as “PATRIOTISM”. I had a personal hand in the training of over a thousand of your sons ( and fathers) as soldiers between 1961 and 1962. At the time I was commander of Company E-5-2 at our infantry basic training base. Later on I trained more young paratroopers as a Green Beret commander – to DEFEND OUR NATION – and not the filthy den of demons in IsraHELL. I am hopeful that these young men never took innocent lives for thrills and money like the present generation of soulless compassionless creatures I see today in our killers for hire jew controlled mercenary terrorist military!


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